Food and Kitchen Hazards, Food Safety and Standard Hygienic Practices.

- The foodborne illness, Forms of contamination, Biological, Physical and Chemical Contamination. Food defines and Allergens. - How food handlers can contaminate food. Personal cleanliness and work attire. Hand washing and Bare- hand contact with ready-to- eat food. Work requirements related to illness. - Cross-contamination and Time temperature abuse. Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, Preparation, Cooking, Holding, storing, reheating and Serving. - The HACCP plan. - How to clean effectively and Sanitizing, Developing a cleaning program, Controlling Pest.

When its comes to food safety, Knowledge, Communication, and Passion for serving safe food are most Important. Illness caused by eating unsafe food can cost money, jobs and even lives. The reputation of the restaurant or food service operation can be destroyed by a single case of food related illness. Every person in the operation must keep food safe, anyone in the workplace are sharing this responsibility.

80% Written Exam 20% Attendance