Grades of meat, Butchering process, Right cooking method for cut of meat, Three grades of Poultry, Distinct differences in Poultry forms, Main forms of Seafood, and the most important step of purchasing seafood.

Learned the grades of Meat, Poultry and Seafood and how the grade differences helpful to create usable product to vary. - Butchering processes of meat and how been it carefully inspected and stamp. - Factors needed or mandatory to consider when purchasing Meat, Poultry and Seafood. - Learning the different methods of cooking Poultry. - The two main forms of Seafood.

When its comes to food safety, Knowledge, Communication, and Passion for serving safe food are most Important. Illness caused by eating unsafe food can cost money, jobs and even lives. The reputation of the restaurant or food service operation can be destroyed by a single case of food related illness. Every person in the operation must keep food safe, anyone in the workplace are sharing this responsibility.

60% Written Exam 30% Practical Exam 10% Attendance