The three main groups of fruits. Preparing fruits for service and ways how it kept properly. Categories of vegetables, standards cuts and various cooking method.

How to categorize the three main Groups of fruits and knowledge of varieties of vegetables. - Having the knowledge of those factors that effect of purchasing fruits. - Proper way of how fruits to be kept or store to avoid spoiling. - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on how fruits are being prepare for service. - Methods of cooking Fruits and Vegetables. Things need to be considered or avoided when cooking. Like, which one are good for grill or Broil and Poach) - Learning of Hydroponic Farming - Maintaining the quality of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables are very easy to get all year-around, but there is a noticeable difference in the quality and flavour when a particular product is in season. Having a general knowledge about Fruits and Vegetables is so vital to the Culinary..

60% - Written Exam 30% - Practical Exam 10% - Attendance