About Escoffier

The Escoffier Culinary Center offers culinary programs, hotel hospitality and tourism

Escoffier culinary offers the programs of culinary in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as the entire Gulf Cooperation Council region.

The main targets of the Escoffier Culinary Center:

Graduation of local professionals is qualified to work in the tourism markets, hotel hospitality and restaurants according to the international standards.

Vision of Escoffier Culinary Center

Looking forward to being the first center of culinary, hotels hospitality, and tourism not only in Kingdom of Bahrain but entire Gulf Cooperation Council

Mission of Escoffier culinary Center:

Excellence in training in cooking, hotel hospitality, and tourism through specialized courses and workshops for individuals for graduation, to help them to join the labor market

Objectives of Escoffier Culinary Center

1 Providing education and training using the theoretical and practical skills of hospitality, hotel and tourism staff as well as students and the general public in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC region in general.

Short Courses

Is a fun short course focusing on new recipes, and easy techniques for daily cooking, the duration of the course 3 hours, and targeted at the following categories:

  • Cooking courses in Bahrain
  • Couples courses
  • Courses for groups

Courses for beginners

Food tasting buffs, those who want to reach for best parties.

A wide range of courses have been designed for everyone in terms of time and fees. It is a great way to gain basic knowledge in the culinary world.

The duration of the course is 12 hours. It is aimed at anyone who wants to develop his cooking skills and some basic techniques.

Certificate of novice chef

This program is a 40-hour work, and designed for cooks who want to understand basic guidelines for cuisine and restaurants.

The target of a new courses as below

Chefs and trainees. The program consists of the following courses:

  • Basic knife skills.
  • Hackab Level 1
  • Poultry, seafood and meat
  • Cooking techniques and recipes
  • Final exams

Amateur Programs

  • Basic knife skills.
  • Hot cooking recipes.
  • Pastry recipes.
  • Storage skills.

Diploma of Culinary Arts

We offer first class courses in the field of culinary arts and training, pastry arts and international hospitality management programs.

You can get gained local and international certification of field for tourism and hotel hospitality according to the international standards.

That is why our courses are designed to be in line with international standards.

When a student graduates, be confident of acquiring the latest skills to succeed.

The program consists of the following courses

  • Introduction to the kitchen
  • Hakab
  • Butcher
  • English
  • Mobile application
  • Cool kitchen
  • Hot kitchen
  • Pastries
  • Storage and handling
  • Restaurant management and cost control
  • Trends in the art of cooking
  • Food science
  • Kitchen of athletes

Restaurant Management

This course is designed to provide those interested in working in hospitality at restaurant

The knowledge and skills they need to achieve their dream and achieve success in their career.

The program consists of the following courses:

  • Cost control
  • Restaurant management
  • Modern cooking art
  • Hakab

Hospitality Operations

This course is designed to provide local workforce for the hospitality sector.

Bahrainis currently in the market in this area only 20%, should be more

Of course to enable job seekers, high school graduates to working in hospitality sector

And other opportunities to join in the development of hospitality are low rate now and who withdrawn from the classroom.

The duration of this course is 3 months with the following presentation:

  • English and communication skills
  • Reception and reception desk
  • House keeping
  • Basic kitchen theory and the basics of culinary arts
  • Food, beverage service

Hospitality Management

This course is designed for high school graduates and job seekers

With a good level of English language, and graduates of existing universities or institutes

Hospitality staff and others, an opportunity to enter or reenter in this world

Hospitality with management positions.

The duration of the course is 6 months

Focuses on the following

  • Health and safety in the hospitality industry
  • Cost control and financial management
  • Supervision of housekeeping
  • Supervision of F & amp; B range (captains)
  • Supervising the front office

Other short workshops:

Customer service for the hospitality industry

Sales and marketing hospitality industry

Health and safety of the hospitality industry

Human Resources for the hospitality industry

Management summary of Escoffier culinary Center

The Center aims at supporting the vision of His Majesty King 2030 in human development by preparing human cadres capable of working in the field of cooking, hospitality and tourism in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council